Email marketing is the most cost effective channel to promote your business

Do you have reliable email contacts you would like to reach?

We offer one-stop email marketing solution for your business or organization. There is no setup cost and no hidden fees. No recurring billing or monthly subscription. Pay as you go.


You provide us your reliable email contact addresses or email list and the message you want us send out for you. Your email could be in html template or we can send the message in plain text. When we finished sending the messages, we'll provide you the delivery reports.

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1,000 emails

We'll send 1,000 emails for you. Provide the list.

$60 $50


2,500 emails

We'll send 2,500 emails for you. Provide the list.

$150 $120


5,000 emails

We'll send 5,000 emails for you. Provide the list.

$240 $200


10,000 emails

We'll send 10,000 emails for you. Provide the list.

$350 $300

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